LK Bennett + Rupert Sandeson+ Windsor scenery

If someone told me - choose one dress from your wardrobe in which you feel like a princess - it would be definitely that dress. 

Extremely delicate and subtle, in the company of the most comfortable shoes I've got in my wardrobe - from Rupert Sanderson. 
I had to wait for them for over 4 weeks but it was worth! The price was so... well maybe I should not mention about the price :)

The scenery is very regal indeed, so I think that the entire set is just perfect...
And I felt like a little princess that day!

Dress: LK Bennett 
Ribbon: local haberdashery
Shoes: Rupert Sanderson Malory

Yes I know I need a clutch. Desperately need it... Can anybody call LK Bennett, Stuart Weitzman or Mulberry that I am in need ? Anyone? :) 

Just to remind you how Kate looked in the same dress:

And yes, I know she looks better;)
 She is a real princess and I will never be, but anyway,
 I like her very much and I want everything best for her.
I was wondering for a long time what can I do to be as close to her as possible, 
so I thought that the way of being a replikate is the best solution. 

What do you think? Do you like to watch girls copying Kate's outfits?
 No matter how they look, no matter if they are short or tall, no matter of skin shade or weight or shape or country of origin? Do you like to follow them on Instagram? 
Tell me what are your thoughts, please.



  1. Both Kates are equally beautiful. You made me feel like getting the dress immediately. Ugh, the price is so prohibitive. - Tess

  2. I think it's great that you buy the same dresses and clothes as Kate!! I feel bad because I'm sure you spend lots of money eek. Looks awesome on you.

    I think it's great when women and young girls are inspired by Kate but it's important to remember that they are there own person. I'm sure Kate would want these women to be themselves and not always pay close attention to her either! I'm sure Kate is flattered by all who are inspired by her!

    Great account and keep posting photos !! I found you on instagram

  3. Very nice! �������� you did a great job Kate! And your a princess too!

  4. Such a great dress! Was the fit true to size?

  5. Do you know the name of the dress or can you link it?

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