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GreatReplikate is getting back to blogging

It was crazy week... I was featured on The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Mirror. After that invitation avalanche has already started... New articles began to appear one after another. That was awesome! The whole world has heard of my existence. I did not expect such a turn of events. Most important to me is that I have now more than 22000 followers! Few days ago it was 4000!! Thank you all for following me, for your kind words, every single message,  for giving me the power to create something new and especially for you I decided to keep my blog up to date! What do you think about that? Do you want me to add new posts there? To show you something more about being a replikate? Some of you accused me of having no personal style. If you think that I am wearing only Kate's clothes, you are wrong babies ;)  My Instagram was only about replikating Kate's wardrobe. That was the main idea. There was no reason to show you my style because it is somet

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